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What I Do

Guided by clients, I create color plans for residential, business and multi-family projects, both interior and exterior. My clients are homeowners and business owners.

My specialty is paint colors. I know how they behave and especially when they are going to misbehave. I strive to come up with new unexpected schemes that make my clients smile broadly. I specify surfaces besides paint when provided real-life samples.

You may experience a little more fun than you expected. (Yes, even if it's all a lovely neutral. We've all seen #sadbeige; but finding that Happy Neutral is peacefully satisfying.)

My ultimate goal is to find what you like, not what I like. I preach freedom and authenticity when you are working on your environment, a small but mighty liberation movement from the design barrage being hurled from our devices. We lose touch with our unique creativity and visions. Did you know that the ideas that originate in our brains are more gratifying than the ones we get from social media? We all hope to do this only once, so let's be real and go for happy.

What happens at a consult?

We will go over the plan together, you'll tell your story and I'll do a lot of listening. We'll talk about some major ideas and then I'll work on some specifics. Usually specific recommendations are made onsite as part of the initial consult. Sometimes we decide to break the process into more sessions. We'll do what's right for your project and your timing. 

How do we start?

When you submit your contact form, you'll be asked for info about your project. If our services meet your needs, we will set up a complimentary 15-minute call to see if we are a fun fit.  Our service area roughly aligns with the official Austin city limits boundaries.

How much?

New projects vary of course, but minimum start is $500. This includes onsite work, documentation suitable to contractors and ongoing support through the project as specified.

Who are you?

My pronouns are she/her. I am a professional color consultant, wife, mom of three creative humanand one happy pup that matches Sherwin Williams 7713. I grew up knee-deep in fabric samples on the floor of my mother's design room in the vibrancy of San Antonio. After living in New England and Asia, I now call Austin Texas home. After getting a business degree and working in big hospitality, I moved to more creative pursuits and studied color, design and the pigment industry. I've been in the color consulting world for a long time as a side gig, and started ColorGenie full time in 2010. It has been one fun project after another ever since. 

Contact me here

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