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Happy Clients

For the interior and exterior of our home Genie took what we had and transformed it into a space that our entire family thoroughly enjoys.  

                                                         -Joe M.

Her services were a great investment! I am so glad my husband found her before we had our entire house remodeled. She knew our style and color palette better than we were able to verbally communicate. Not only does she have a GREAT eye for colors, but she would also make a great marriage counselor. ;) My husband and I love the colors she chose and feel like the house is now "ours."

                                                                         -Christine M.

Basically she saved me from a nervous breakdown.  


Best color consultant in all of Texas. If you are looking to repaint/remodel your house your first call should be to ColorGenie.


I have used Color Genie on two big personal projects, a frame bungalow in central Austin and a large house in northwest Austin, and a real estate client's exterior paint project. I trust her input implicitly. If you have big projects that are going to cost a lot, the money spent to have her help working out the color plan is unbelievably valuable. She is also fun!  

                                                         -Allison A.

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